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Wiley Cortez

Wiley Cortez, founder of Dominate Don’t Compete, started the company in 2015… but, this didn’t just happen accidentally, it was the culmination of a long and bumpy road.  Raised in Riverside, CA, he was always into athletics, he was an all conference point guard through high school and junior college; but, realized that basketball was not to be his life work… he came to weight lifting and fitness training 15 years ago and found the lifestyle and faith that he, wife Rachel and daughter CeCe thrive upon.

Growing up in the ‘graffiti scene’, he always had a knack and hunger for design; and, was always possessed of an empowering entrepreneurial spirit.  In his youth that spirit led to some of those bumps in the road; but, also led to his being a founding partner of a very successful underground utilities company while continually building on his first love, fitness and fashion.


Wiley and Rachel Cortez have made Dominate Don’t Compete a uniquely valuable lifestyle choice… Dominate your health, Dominate your happiness, have a little faith… and, look good doing it!